Collaborating by creating the skills for the digital economy

Future Workforce Development is the foundation of both Canada’s rapidly expanding ICT sector and of ICT-based innovations and capabilities in every sector of our economy.

TECHNATION believes that people with the right ICT skills – combined with expertise in business, complementary technologies, innovation and leadership – create their own opportunities and are a magnet for international investment. Fears of future “shortages” in the ICT labour market miss the mark. This isn’t about scarcity; it’s about growth, innovation and competition.

Canada is a world leader in the quality of its technology workforce and ICT-related post-secondary education. We needs to take advantage of the opportunity to expand the ICT capabilities of its workforce – in all sectors – to build a thriving, equitable economy in the 21st century.

The question is not just how to meet projected demand for ICT skills; it’s how to double down on Canada’s proven ICT strengths in a competitive, complex and rapidly changing technology-driven global economy.

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