In spite of salaries in excess of $90,000 and a technology sector unemployment rate of less than 3%, the demand for skilled technology workers continues to outstrip the supply.

Expand Perceptions
  • Today’s tech-savvy young people avoid technology careers because of outdated perceptions that these jobs are boring, poorly paid and insecure. Only 12% of high school students in Canada plan to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers and among these few are taking the necessary academic prerequisites, according to Let’s Talk Science research.
Encourage Youth
  • Today’s tech careers pay well and are in high demand. Yet only 5% of all ICT jobs are currently held by youth below the age of 25 compared to 14% in the overall economy.
Equip Educators
  • As mentors of young people few parents, teachers, and guidance counsellors are aware of the high demand for well-paid technology careers and are unable to explain the diversity of opportunity available through these inspiring careers.
Expand Education
  • Many university graduates are not trained in the basic business technology skills required by employers today for a wide range of jobs across all industry sectors.
Encourage Diversity
  • Women continue to make up less than 30% of the ICT workforce as the sector has struggled to attract women into engineering and computer science programs.
Expand Workforce
  • The demographic crunch anticipated as baby boomers exit the workforce will exacerbate the pressures on the domestic supply of ICT employees.