Outreach Activities

Encouraging more people into Business Technology Management (BTM) careers requires a face-to-face conversation between students, their peers and parents, educators and employers.

We offer a number of hands-on discovery activities such as special events, social media thought leadership and an informative website.

Special events include a national annual BTM TalentMash conference designed to connect employers with BTM students, spread awareness about the BTM program and create a forum for BTM students to connect and have a unique opportunity for professional development.

Our annual career fair offers an informative program of inspiring keynote speakers, hands-on breakout sessions, career development opportunities, a business case competition and generous opportunities for student-employer networking.

In the build-up to the national TalentMash event, ITAC Talent organizes regional student-employer conferences across Canada with the same format, only on a smaller scale:

The National BTM Conference is also held to bring together the BTM community to learn and share best practices and trends in program adoption, industry engagement and talent recruitment.


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This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program