Below are tools sent by various HR Forum members:

  1. – repository of training videos on all kinds of software programs
  2. – creators of Camtasia for screen recording
  3. – AppLearn – utilizing them for just in time training solutions for launching our new learning management platform. Here is a link to a you tube video. Thanks!
  4. – Knighsbridge – a new online forum for anyone interested in creating more effective and better performing teams.The Change Your Team site is a place where you will be able, to interact with a community of individuals from around the world who are passionate about making a difference one team at a time. The site provides access to resources including Dr. Liane Davey’s e-books (“Toxic Teams,  “The You in Team”, “Vital Teams”).  You can sign up to be part of the Change Your Team community to have valuable tips and insights delivered straight to your inbox.
  5. – Knightsbridge –  a new online forum for individuals who aspire to be great leaders and for organizations who are committed to building leadership as a sustainable competitive advantage.The Community of Leaders site is the place to get the latest leadership insights and it is a place you can come to talk about issues that matter, decisions when the stakes are high, and the obligations of leadership.  The site provides access to resources including Dr. Vince Molinaro’s e-book, “The Leadership Contract”. You can also sign up to be part of the community of leaders so you can have valuable tips and insights delivered straight to your inbox.
  6.– Download Brainshark corporate brochure (PDF)
  7. Project Management Assessment System (PMAS) – Schroeder and Schroeder – Approach to the assessment and improvement of project and program management skills, both at tan individual and organization level.Organizational change readiness assessment system – Schroeder and Schroeder – enables you to measure your organization’s current level of change readiness, and identify what needs to be done to maximize the success of what are often mission-critical transformations – – Schroeder and Schroeder HR Toolbox (DOC)
  8. CEB (Corporate Executive Board) –  It offers organizations access to a number of practice areas and specifically to Human Resources as well (
  9. – gOE (group for organizational effectiveness) is a continually updated, web-based OD toolkit that enables HR, Training and other professionals to diagnose and resolve business issues in ways that enhance organizational effectiveness.  A true “performance support system,” gOEbase helps thousands of HR professionals around the world to:
    • Ask the right questions of internal customers
    • Diagnose business needs quickly and accurately
    • Plan, design and deliver effective solutions
    • Work through challenging situations
    • Evaluate effectiveness and demonstrate HR’s value