Technology is now part of everything – science, health, environment, engineering, arts, social activities and business. And thanks to constant innovation, the uses of technology continue to expand. As a result, the nature and variety of tech-related careers is expanding too. It’s all very exciting, but it can also be confusing not only for students, but also for teachers, parents and guidance counsellors.

Today’s tech careers are interesting, inspiring, and creative. They pay well and are in high demand.

The problem is that young people are not choosing academic paths to these careers.  Only 12% of high school students in Canada plan to pursue science, technology, engineering and math careers and among these, few are taking the necessary academic prerequisites, according to Let’s Talk Science research (2014).

The goal of CareerMash is to provide easy-to-understand, interactive information that helps high school students explore today’s tech-related careers which “mash” information & communications technology (ICT) with anything they can imagine – from the arts and medicine to the environment and business – the sky is the limit!

Our partners include school boards, universities, colleges, industry associations and governments as well as major employers.