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It’s a great fit with goals and programs of ITAC Talent to encourage the next wave of technology professionals.

Career decisions start early in life, often during high school, but why are so few students choosing tech careers?

Often students view tech jobs as boring, poorly paid and insecure. The technical nature and the rapid pace of change make the field seem complicated and hard to understand. Additionally, teachers, guidance counsellors and parents often lack the information they need to help young people make informed career decisions that include tech-related careers.

So only 5% of all ICT jobs are currently held by young people below the age of 25, compared to 14% in the overall economy, according to research by the Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC).

But the reality tells a different story.

Today’s tech-related careers combine information and digital technologies with anything a student can be passionate about – whether it’s video gaming or sports.

These opportunities pay very well and the unemployment rate in tech jobs is typically around 3% – less than half the national average – while unemployment for youth overall is consistently much higher.

A career in ICT could very well be the secure and fun opportunity you’ve been looking for! Take a tour at