[Recap] #TwitterChat: Can We Ever Trust Self-Driving Cars?

The rush to produce a working automated vehicle (AV) is happening across the automotive and technology sectors. Most of the automotive suppliers are developing AV technologies – with Toyota, General Motors, Daimler and Volkswagen leading the way. Many technology firms and automotive supply chain participants have joined the AV revolution. Most traditional car manufacturers have adopted an incremental approach. They are adding driver assistance features to their respective fleets over time, until eventually their cars achieve full automation. Tech companies, on the other hand, aim to design, test and sell fully automated vehicles from the very beginning. Consulting firms and market analysts generally predict that AVs will be commercially available around 2020 and commonplace by the late 2020s. In short, AV is coming and you better be ready for it. The innovative technology poses both benefits and challenges. Benefits linked to increased road safety, the impact on the environment, accessibility through lower operating costs – all impacting the public and thus public policy.

Followed by a National Student Blog Competition on the topic – “Autonomous vehicles – good or bad?” in December 2016, BTM-Forum and ITAC Talent recently hosted a Twitter chat in partnership with IT World Canada to have a lively debate on the benefits and risks/challenges associated with AV? The chat delved into answering some of the best questions raised by the competing blogs.

Read the contest winning blog here –

A bump in the road: Can autonomous vehicles do more harm than good?

The Twitter Chat provided some great conversations gathering insights from our guest experts, Steven Waslander (@stevewaslander), Director of the Waterloo Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory (WAVE) and Alex Miller (@alexmiller50), President, Esri Canada. Participants in the chat agreed that vehicle automation is phenomenal and has immense potential to innovate the transportation sector. Safety of AV was a topic of key concern and explored the evolution of AV’s. Participants agreed that consumers are not quite ready to fully embrace The Jetson’s way of travelling. Full autonomy by the AV’s and a hands-off approach, letting technology do what it does is something the public is not yet ready for, which is reflected in how AV’s are built. Some level of control over the AV’s is likely the best solution for the moment allowing us to get used to this brave new world of driving.

Thanks again to our participants and everyone for joining the conversation with us – lots of comments and incredible learning! Hope to see you all at our new BTM Forum as well.

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