A comprehensive end-to-end approach to addressing the labour shortage

Inspiring new talent

  • Changing the conversation and spreading the word about the endless possibilities of new and emerging tech careers
  • Increasing brand awareness of Business Technology Management (BTM) educational programs and their importance to bridging the skills gap
  • Promoting diversity in the workplace by encouraging employers to create work environments that welcome diversity

Connecting jobs with people and people with jobs

  • Engaging more employers to participate in bridge programs (co-ops, mentorship, internship)

Connecting jobs with talent and talent with jobs through a brand new and innovative Magnet tool

Developing new skills

  • Encouraging the education system to enhance efforts to make technology programs relevant to industry’s needs by developing strategic digital skills for growth and attracting more students to the programs

Raising the quality of education

Policy and Advocacy

  • Undertaking important policy and advocacy work to promote the growth of the information and communication technology (ICT) industry