National BTM Academic Conference 2016 Photo Recap

The National BTM Academic Conference  took place this past Saturday June 4th 2016 in Edmonton Alberta at MacEwan University, hosted by ITAC Talent in cooperation with the Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC). It was attended by Organizations wanting to learn more about the fastest growing sector in ICT, and Academics from post-secondary educational institutions teaching business and technology-related programs and courses. Introduced by ITAC Talent in 2009, BTM (Business Technology Management) programs are now offered in dozens of post-secondary educational institutions across Canada. Demand is high and growing fast for professionals with hybrid business and technology skills. Some 200,000 professionals are in business technology management jobs today – twice as many as 10 years ago! Employers – in every industry – will need 50,000 more by 2020.

The National Business Technology Management (BTM) Academic Conference Featured:

  • Thought-provoking keynotes, breakout sessions and panel discussions
  • Leading academic and industry speakers
  • Professional development and networking opportunities
  • Insight into today’s hottest technology and education topics


The following is a Photo Recap of the Event:


Keynote speaker, Dr. Ozgur Turketken, PH.D speaking about the critical role of Engagement at a BTM oriented school —- Ryerson U:

National BTM Academic Conference-p1


Nelson Lah, Executive Consultant & Chair Simon Fraser U Advisory Board, speaking about Engagement from a Board Chair’s perspective:

National BTM Academic Conference-p-2


Our first Panel discussion on The Startup mindset —  Steve Eppley, Noreen Hoskins and Stephanie Enders:

National BTM Academic Conference-p3


Attendees Enjoying the Discussion:

National BTM Academic Conference-p-4


Trish McLaren presenting on her experience building a BTM program from degree proposal to First Graduates:

National BTM Academic Conference-p5


Learning about the BTM National Occupational Standards- the employability factor delivered by Ben Akoh:

National BTM Academic Conference-p6


A CIO Forum: 3 CIOs from Edmonton talk about the value of the BTM outcomes and competencies as they are realized in real life. Their panel discussion was “The Challenge of Talent Management in Business Technology”:

National BTM Academic Conference-p7


The First of 4 Program Showcases: Red River College, Manitoba:

National BTM Academic Conference-p8


For More Information about the Business Technology Management (BTM) program please visit and view the following video: