ITAC Talent Releases New BTM 2.0 Learning Outcomes and Competency Standards – Learn What’s New!



With the support and funding from ESDC, the new and improved BTM 2.0 contains updated learning outcomes and competency standards generated through extensive country-wide consultation with industry and academic institutions. This release contains 5 new and exciting Baccalaureate specializations and one Continuing Education standard. BTM 2.0 has the following exciting changes:

  • Revised and updated industry standards:  BTM 2.0 contains inputs from the revised version of the highly recognized technology industry standard, the Skills Framework for Innovation Age, SFIA v.6. This version includes current standards such as Technology Audit, Digital Forensic, and Usability Requirements Analysis for action related competencies.
  • Easily understood knowledge competencies: A streamlined and user-friendly BTM BLOOMS taxonomy has been introduced in BTM 2.0 to reflect knowledge related competency. The four-point level is easier to understand and apply.
  • Innovation in BTM: New “innovation” learning outcomes and competency standards have been included as a core competency in this version to reflect the importance of innovation as a quality of BTM graduates.
  • Clearer learning outcomes: Overall, 70 exciting learning outcomes and competency standards with easily understood titles are contained in BTM 2.0; encompassing a broader range of business and technology skills. 10 more than the previous version.
  • National Occupational Standards: All specializations contain National Occupational Standards describing no less than four possible career opportunities per specialization. Academic institutions can now promote their BTM program along with BTM occupational standards.
  • Choose your BTM brand: Exciting branding opportunities provides options for academic institutions to choose from a wide range of different BTM specialization, including: BTM Baccalaureate, BTM Baccalaureate Plus, BTM Diploma, BTM Certificate, or BTM Master.
  • BTM Accreditation made easy: Simplified and clearly articulated BTM Program Accreditation steps makes it easier for academic institutions to seek accreditation or program recognition, thus giving their BTM offering enhanced visibility to their target community. Academic institutions can proudly display accredited logos on their websites and promotional materials, and will be listed on ITAC’s BTM website.

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