Inspire word cloud written on a chalkboardWays to get involved

Participate in the Role Model program

Nominate employees in tech-related careers to share their educational backgrounds and professional experience with students in high schools. We provide full training and support, schedule events and monitor progress through ongoing surveys.

Mentor students online 

Nominate employees to participate in our mentoring programs – either through individual online sessions or by participating in classroom events. As with our role model program, we provide full training and support, schedule events and monitor progress.

Contribute to Curriculum Development

The direct involvement of employers in the design and evolution of the Business Technology Management (BTM) program has made a difference for educational institutions. The employers also play a unique and active role in the students’ development throughout the course of the program.

ITAC Talent provides the catalyst for employers to be involved in the development of curriculum and to gain access to the pipeline of future placement or graduate recruits. Nominate senior technology leaders and others to work on advisory committees to develop and customize degree programs to ensure the right mix of business and technology-based learning outcomes are developed.

Advisory Boards

Influence the direction of ITAC Talent programs, network with other employers and receive updates on ITAC Talent activities.

Sponsor and attend events

Get involved in sponsoring or participating in special events where students get hands-on experience through interactive presentations and activities that demonstrate today’s hot tech skills like coding, digital design and big data.

Engage in research that is driving labour market intelligence

Review and endorse current research and look for ways to leverage knowledge and financial assistance in support of next-generation knowledge economy leaders.

Assist in shaping talent policy 

ITAC undertakes important policy and advocacy work to promote the growth of the information and communication technology industry. It actively engages with political leaders and government staff at all levels to inform them of why it is important to maintain a strong, innovative and growing ICT industry in Canada. Contribute to our thoughtful policy formation and effective advocacy of well-founded industry positions.