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ITAC Talent is changing the conversation

We bring some of Canada’s leading employers together to address the significant technology skills shortfall.  The program has set forward-looking goals to ensure that Canada remains one of the most digitally enabled nations.

We have a real capability to help to create and grow new jobs, new markets and new talent. We ensure that leading employers are fully engaged in our programs.  We work with visionary business leaders, public sector representatives and educators to lead a talent strategy that supports the availability of Canadian tech talent.

New skills are needed to seize growing new markets

The nature of demand for technology-related skills is changing. Demand is shifting from desk-bound programming jobs to positions that require leadership and drive innovation:

  • Business professionals with knowledge, skills and qualities to lead and support effective, competitive use of information and communication technologies (ICTs).
  • Specialized technologists – both ICT-focused and multidisciplinary – at the leading edge of innovation in every sector.

Firms looking for technology workers do not just want tech specialists – they are looking for people with solid technical skills who are able to embrace the culture of their organization and help them sharpen their value proposition, create greater efficiencies within their firms and drive innovation.

Canada has global leadership potential in multi-billion dollar markets, including cyber security, big data and mobile. But the lack of skills is causing significant problems. For example, 60% of companies cannot find people with big data skills.

The skills pipeline is ineffective

Compared to other highly digitally enabled nations, Canadian enrollments in post-secondary tech related programs remain low.  Key demographic groups such as women and new Canadians remain underrepresented.  They face substantial barriers to market entry yet represent a vital source of potential untapped talent.

The growing demand for technology workers

Canada is already seeing the correlation between the world’s most digitally enabled nations and those that are the fastest growing. The need for innovation is paramount and that innovation requires both great technology and great people: people with access to 21st century technology skills and technology skills that underpin the modern economy and support every industry – from healthcare and education to transport and retail.