Tech career information for high school students

CareerMash is an ITAC Talent initiative focused on inspiring high school students to choose the many ways they can match their personal strengths and interests to a wide variety of technology careers. Our partners include school boards, universities, colleges, industry associations, and governments as well as major employers.

CareerMash offers a broad range of resources and special events for educators to help change out-dated perceptions of tech careers as boring, poorly paid, and insecure. Since its launch in 2007 our volunteer tech professionals have connected with more than 18,000 students in classes, and more are reached through our online mentoring program that connects tech professionals with students for mentoring on an on-going basis.

Our multimedia website is the go-to resource for high school students which includes interviews with tech professionals, career profiles, and pathways to successful careers that mash up tech skills with industries like fashion, health care, sports, education, and music.

The website is also an invaluable resource for the CareerMash Tech Career Resource Kit for Guidance Counsellors and Teachers. Collaborated and endorsed by The Ontario School Counsellors’ Association (OSCA), this interactive kit includes lesson plans, statistical data, and key information to help change the conversation about tech careers. The kit received an OSCA Career Citation Award in 2014.

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