The Career Ready program offer year-round access to students

Students are an ideal source of manpower to fill temporary human resource needs during staff leaves or for short-term projects. Employing work term students can reduce future recruiting costs – as work term employment aids in the vetting of students for future hiring of motivated and skilled employees.

Employers must be willing to provide full-time work for a minimum 12-week term duration in a business+technology or technology capacity to be eligible for funding.

For those Employers who are not working with a post secondary institution, you can register your company and post your job description through the below Portal – once completed the job description will be sent to all participating universities and colleges within your home province.

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The Government of Canada has expanded the Student Work Placement Program (SWPP) to specifically focus on placements in cyber security and AI. Funding is available starting Winter 2019 to Winter 2020. For more information contact careerready@itac.ca


Applications for Summer 2019 (May–August) closes March 31, 2019. Employers will be notified of their application status the second week of April 2019.


Fall 2018 Placements: Wage subsidy payments will be made January 31, 2019
Summer 2019 Placements: Wage subsidy payments will be made September 2019
Payments will only be made if all documentation and proof of salary has been received.

 For more information please contact the Career Ready Program Manager at careerready@itac.ca


Getting Started

  1. Ensure your company meets all terms and conditions.
  2. Complete the Employer Eligibility Assessment and submit it with the necessary documentation outlined in the form
  3. Have the candidate complete the Participant Information Form
  4. If you already have a participant in mind, include the participant information in your Employer Application Form. Your posting will be assessed for suitability.
  5. If you need to fill a position, you can post your job on the Career Ready Job Portal. Your posting will be made available immediately to the co-op departments of all participating universities and colleges within your home province
  6. If your job posting is approved, students will be able to see your posting and apply for it – either directly to your organization’s job portal or through the Career Ready Job Portal.
  7. The application process from submission to approval takes approximately 5 to 10 working days; however because we do not approve on the basis of first come – first served, you will not be notified until after close of the submission application period (typically within two weeks prior to placement start date)
  8. A formal Learning Plan needs to be submitted before within the first 2 weeks of when the placement begins.
  9. If your application is accepted, and a match with a student is made, you need to complete the Employer Placement Agreement. You must also agree to provide all required documentation and reporting as required by the program.
  10. Your student will be required to complete the Student Workterm Evaluation form and submit it 5-10 days prior to the end of their work term.
  11. ITAC does not assume any legal responsibilities towards applicants or companies seeking wage subsidies.
A detailed job description, training plan, and salary costs are required. Salary costs include monthly corporate contributions (e.g. EI, CPP, vacation pay).

You are able to save the application and come back to it. To edit your application log into your account.

Please note: Your application will not be used by the matching technology until it is submitted.

To be eligible the position needs to be a minimum of 12 weeks and fall within a business+technology or information systems technology, computer science or engineering or related area.

Examples of roles include:

Business Technology Management

Market Research / Analysis

MIS / IT / Technology Consulting/Business Analyst

Sales / Business Development

Project Management

Computer Science

Software developer

Systems designer

Technical support analysis

Computer analyst

Computer programmer

Computer Systems Technology

Voice Over IP

PC Technical Support

Network Administration

Helpdesk Support

Internet Resource Management

Computer Engineering

Computer Systems Analyst

Software Applications Developer

Software Systems Developer

Computer Programmer

Computer Hardware Engineer

If you are unsure about whether a role qualifies contact us.

Once you have connected with your student candidate(s), the student’s work term department will receive a notice and assess your application and determine if the position provides the student with the learning outcomes associated with their program. If it’s a good fit, then the student will officially apply for the position. This process should be completed within 5 working days.

  • Provide the student with meaningful employment related to his/her field of study.
  • Provide accurate, informative job descriptions to stimulate student interest.
  • Provide an orientation to familiarize the student(s) with their work environment, job responsibilities, organization’s policies/procedures etc.
  • Discuss and approve the student’s learning objectives/training plan at the beginning of the work
  • Provide supervision and training to the students by individuals who understand and are interested in Co-op.
  • Conduct a midterm and final performance evaluations on the student(s).
  • Provide the Co-op student with a letter of offer/contract specifying employment conditions, start and end dates, wages, hours and the reporting supervisor’s name, address and telephone number.
  • Advise the Career Ready office immediately of any job related performance issues (i.e. attendance, punctuality, quality of work, etc.)..

Funding is only set aside for approved roles. If you choose to hire someone before your organization is approved, you are accepting the risk that funding may not be granted.

If you recently hired a new employee, you may still be eligible for funding. Check that you and your intern meet all the eligibility criteria. If do, both you and your employee can apply online.

Wage subsidy funding will cover for new WIL placement as long as the employer is able to demonstrate that the work term placement(s) are in a greater number from the previous year.  There is a cap of a maximum of three (3) students per employer per work term.

Receiving a Wage Subsidy

You’ll need to provide scheduled reports and salary documentation by all due dates throughout the work term period. We require this information before we can pay you the wage subsidy. There are two reporting periods – a mid-term and final. The mid-term is a verbal report with the student’s school representative. The reporting is simple and will take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

The reports are questionnaires and intended to be a check-in from the student’s school to make sure both the employer and the student are happy and receiving the proper training.

Note: If there are any concerns, questions or issues about the reporting, please contact us. We’re always available to help make your placement is as successful as possible.

We require official proof of salary payment to your student. Pay stubs are the most widely accepted form of documentation, as they show your student’s year-to-date totals. If your intern is paid by cheque, we require copies of all cheque stubs issued to your student.

We will subsidize the intern’s wage in addition to any mandatory employer-related costs (such as CPP and EI) up to the maximum amount. Please be sure your documentation shows these breakdowns.

Note: Excel sheets are not an acceptable form of salary verification.

We will issue your wage subsidy within two weeks following the end of the placement term, provided we have received all required documents and salary verification.

If you missed the deadline for submitting document and/or salary verification you can submit them in time for a second wage subsidy payment date which will follow 2 weeks after the original payment date (i.e., if your summer wage subsidy payment is due to you September 15th and you are not included in it because of missing information your payment will be processed on September 30th providing all information is received).

End of Subsidy

At the end of the placement your student needs to complete a debriefing report, and you have to submit salary verification document.
The maximum funding is one placement for a total of 16 weeks.



I wanted to send you a note to talk about the positive impact of ITAC on FastApps. Because of the program we were able to bring on 3 co-op students for the summer. We are currently looking to bring on students for the fall as well. Moving our startup from a 2 to 5 person team (2 programmers and 1 marketer) has allowed us to build momentum. We’re currently at the point of looking at a large project with a well known firm. I will keep in touch with you to let you know about our progress. It’s not just the funding though – it’s the fact that you’ve been accessible the entire time providing feedback and guidance. Thank you – thank you – thank you!

Keren Moynihan, JD/MBA, Co-Founder, FastApps

The SWILP funding has helped take our student-led startup from idea, to minimal viable product, to gaining the attention of a Silicon Valley VC firm! We’re still a long ways away from achieving our vision, but we couldn’t have got to where we are today without the support of this program.

Ethan Foy Founder, LifePoints



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This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Student Work-Integrated Learning Program