The Employer Agrees That:

Clause 1.

Work term employment agreements are between the student and the employer. The Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC) is not a party to these agreements and assumes no financial or legal responsibility with regard to events or actions by either party that affect the employment situation for any student (e.g. layoffs, intellectual property issues, confidentiality agreements, strikes, etc.).

Clause 2.

Where legally required, the employer is responsible for Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) or alternate workplace insurance coverage.

Clause 3.

ITAC makes no representation as to the adequacy of student’s’ skills or abilities. The selection of appropriate students to fill available positions is entirely the decision of the employer.

The following constitutes a suggested minimum list of employer responsibilities within the work term process. We encourage that the employer:

  • Provides meaningful employment in the student’s field of study, whereby, the student is engaged in productive learning opportunities and work rather than merely observing.
  • Establishes clear learning objectives with the student at the beginning of the work term which are documented in the Student Learning Plan.
  • Gives an orientation to properly acquaint the student to their new location, organization, duties, safety procedures and learning opportunities.
  • Assumes the same responsibilities as those associated with hiring any short term contract employee, including fair remuneration for the work performed.
  • Demonstrates leadership to the student in ensuring that the student’s performance on the job is appropriately supervised and that learning opportunities are available.
  • Supplies increasingly more challenging tasks, responsibilities and learning opportunities as student’s progress through the more advanced stages of the program.
  • Monitor and offer feedback on a regular basis as to the student’s progress throughout the work term.
  • Ensures the student completes and provides ITAC Career Ready Program Manager the Participant Information form, the Student Learning Plan and an end of placement student evaluation form.
  • Completes, if asked , the Employer’s Evaluation of the Student’s Performance and forwards it to ITAC Career Program Manager in a timely manner.
  • Arranges an exit interview with the student to review their on-the-job performance and learning outcomes.

Should any unusual circumstances arise during the work term — e.g. behavioural problems or medical emergencies — employers should contact ITAC Career Ready Program Manager, which will help to facilitate a resolution. Should employers consider dismissing a work term student, they are urged to consult ITAC as early as possible to discuss their concerns.

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I have read and understand the agreement parameters. I give my consent to ITAC to release any information regarding my participation to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). I acknowledge that the information here is collected and administered in accordance with the Privacy Act and may be used by third party providers for ESDC accountability purposes.


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