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You must complete a separate Employer Eligibility Assessment form for each SWILP wage subsidy placement you are applying for. In order to qualify for review of this placement for wage subsidy, you must ensure both this form and participant information form are completed and submitted below.

The ITAC Career Ready office needs to ensure that employers and students are eligible to participate; therefore it is critical that you have identified and confirmed your student before completing and submitting this form. We will conduct an eligibility assessment of each prospective employer and will notify you within 4-6 weeks if you are eligible. Only those organizations who meet the eligibility criteria are eligible for wage subsidies.


Section A: Company Information





Employer Sector (number and description):
Click on the following link and identify your sector’s North American Industry Classification System (NAICS):
Size of Business:

Job Description:

Section B: Participant Information

Placement from:






Includes vacation pay
Pay Period:


Section C: Company Eligibility Criteria

The following information is collected to determine your employer’s total eligible wage subsidy. Check applicable answer.

The employer will provide all information and/or reports required by ITAC Career Program
The employer will provide a meaningful work integrated learning experience to the student
The employer will provide proof of wages paid to student
The employer agrees not to recruit friends or family as participants in the program
The employer confirms that the placement is in Canada
The employer will provide a learning plan and final evaluation based on the template provided by ITAC Career Ready
The employer will ensure the student completes and provides a learning plan and final student evaluation based on the templates provided by ITAC Career Ready Program Manager
The employer is attesting that the student is not replacing a displaced worker or filing a role left vacant due to a dispute or lay-off

Section D: Employer Attestation to Work Term Placements

Indicate the number of work term placements your organization accepted in last year’s calendar year identified by term:
Is the current work term placement in addition to the number of work terms last year?
The employer understands that starting with the Summer 2018 work term period only work term placements in a greater number from the previous year will be approved and subsidized under the program.
Type of work term learning opportunity offered
What semester is this work term?
Name all systems you used to post this work term opportunity
Name all of the post-secondary education (PSE) Institutions you are working with along with name and email address of your contact(s):
Do you have a formal agreement between the PSE and your organizations?

Section E: Company Authorization

I have read and understand the program’s application forms. I give my consent to ITAC to release any information regarding my application and participation to Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). I acknowledge that the information here is collected and administered in accordance with the Privacy Act and may be used by third party providers for ESDC accountability purposes.

Submit the following documents with this form:

  1. Ensure student completes and submits the Participation Information Form

  2. Job description or posting
  3. Resume of student

PDF, jpg, jpeg, png, doc, docx file types are accepted.

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