Developing the Next Generation of Tech Talent

  • Is your organization looking for employees with ICT and workplace-ready skills (communication, teamwork and problem solving)?
  • Is your organization unfamiliar with the process of hiring an ICT student for a work-term position?
  • Is your organization unable to hire work-term students due to a lack of funding?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we are here to provide assistance.

Career Ready Program


What is the Career Ready Program?

As part of the Government of Canada’s Student Work Integrated Learning Program, we are matching students with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to help them on the path to a bright career.

Current post-secondary students who are studying in the areas of Business Technology Management (BTM), Computer Science, Computer Systems Technology, Computer Engineering or alike programs qualify for the Career Ready program.

We work closely with the work term department staff at the post-secondary institutions to help students and employers bridge the school-to-work transition.


Applications for Winter 2019 Wage Subsidy funding close December 7, 2018. Employers will be notified of status (Approved, Wait-listed, Not Approved) the first week of December 2018


  • Fall 2018 – Placement Date closes Dec 31 2018, Payment is scheduled for January 30 2019
    Payments will only be made if all documentation and proof of salary up to the final week of placement has been received
  • Summer 2018 – Payments have been made for this term



Low Investment/Risk Through Wage Subsidy Program

The program provides up to 50% (to a maximum of $5,000) of a work term student’s pay in wage subsidies to employers. Employers that hire students from underrepresented groups including women in STEM, indigenous students, recent immigrants, persons with disabilities, and first-year students may also qualify for additional funding (up to 70% or $7,000).

Key Benefits for Employers

  • Highly motivated and enthusiastic students
  • Access to workplace-ready graduates
  • Access to fresh ideas and approaches
  • Low investment and risk


Common Questions

To be eligible for the program you must meet all of the requirements below. No exceptions to the eligibility requirements will be made.


  • Ability to offer a work term placement(s) in a greater number from the previous year.
  • Ability to offer a minimum of 12-week work placement
  • Ability to offer a position in either a Business Technology Management (BTM), Computer Science, Computer Systems Technology, Computer Engineering or alike type program.
  • The work term students cannot be an existing employee OR have any previous working history with the organization. The work term student needs to be net new to the organization.
  • Must not be filling a position left vacant due to a dispute, termination, layoff or another occurrence that displaces another worker.

More Details

Work Term Student

  • Canadian citizen, permanent resident or have refugee status
  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • Enrolled in a either a coop program or found a placement outside of coop in either a Business Technology Management (BTM), Computer Science, Computer Systems Technology, Computer Engineering or alike area.
  • Not currently employed as a paid employee at the host employer

More Details

Hourly salary ranges between $15 to $22 depending on the capability of the student.
Note: employers in Ontario may also qualify for the Cooperative Education Tax Credit providing an additional wage subsidy of up to $3,000.

Illustrative examples

Full time employee (capabilities equal to a 4th year student) in a four month work term

 Mainstream Underrepresented group
$20 per hour – 16 weeks $12,800 $12,800
Wage subsidy $5,000 $7,000
Employer Contribution $7,800 $5,800

Full time employee (capabilities equal to a 2nd or 3rd year student) in a four month work term

 Mainstream Underrepresented group
$16 per hour – 16 weeks $10,240 $10,240
Wage subsidy $5,000 $7,000
Employer Contribution $5,240 $3,240

The post-secondary institution’s work term department acts as a liaison between the student, the employer, and the participating academic departments and provides all the services to ensure an efficient implementation of the work term process. Approximately three months prior to the beginning of a work term,  students are invited to apply to job postings. Interviews are then conducted by employers, and successful students are offered jobs based on their interview performance.

The work periods normally last 16 weeks during one of the three semesters:

  • January – April
  • May – August
  • September – December

Employers may post jobs at any time after the placement period commences – Usually in the third week of the semester. Most schools operate under a continuous work term recruitment process

To be eligible the position needs to be a minimum of 12 weeks and fall within a business+technology or information systems technology, computer science or engineering or related area.

Examples include positions that provide students with experience that can put them on the following career paths:

Business Technology Management

Market Research / Analysis

MIS / IT / Technology Consulting/Business Analyst

Sales / Business Development

Project Management

Computer Science

Software developer

Systems designer

Technical support analysis

Computer analyst

Computer programmer

Computer Systems Technology

Voice Over IP

PC Technical Support

Network Administration

Helpdesk Support

Internet Resource Management

Computer Engineering

Computer Systems Analyst

Software Applications Developer

Software Systems Developer

Computer Programmer

Computer Hardware Engineer

If you are unsure about whether a role qualifies contact us.

 Ensure your company meets all terms and conditions.

  • Complete the Employer Eligibility Assessment and submit it with the necessary documentation outlined in the form
  • Have the candidate complete the Participant Information Form
  • If you already have a participant in mind, include the participant information in your Employer Application Form. Your posting will be assessed for suitability.
  • If you need to fill a position, you can post your job on the Career Ready Job Portal. Your posting will be made available immediately to the co-op departments of your preferred schools.
  •  If your job posting is approved, students will be able to see your posting and apply for it – either directly to your organization’s job portal or through the Career Ready Job Portal.
  • The application process from submission to approval takes approximately 5 to 10 working days
  • A formal Learning Plan needs to be submitted before the placement begins but does not have to be submitted with the Employer Application Form
  • If your application is accepted, and a match with a student is made, the Employer Placement Agreement needs to be submitted.
  • If a student, for any reason, leaves the employment, the employer must immediately provide ITAC Career Ready with a written notice regarding the termination/withdrawal. Wage subsidies are only provided for the period the student worked for the employer.
  • ITAC does not assume any legal responsibilities towards applicants or companies seeking wage subsidies.

The eligibility requirements are set by the Government of Canada. No exceptions of the requirements will be made.

Career Ready Portal

Simple to Use Innovative Employer/Student Matching Technology

The program uses an innovative matching technology to connect employers with students.

Benefits of using the matching technology

Students: Ability to highlight and showcase education, skills, projects, and qualifications

Employers: Quickly create targeted career postings and automatically learn about available candidates matching your needs. You also have the ability to find and send targeted communications.

Contact Us

Jan Hall, ON and Western provinces
905 301 7751 or jhall@itac.ca

Marc Andre Leger, QC and the Atlantic provinces

Gina van Dalen, Executive Director, ITAC Talent
905 602 8345 ext. 2010 or gvandalen@itac.ca




I wanted to send you a note to talk about the positive impact of ITAC on FastApps. Because of the program we were able to bring on 3 co-op students for the summer. We are currently looking to bring on students for the fall as well. Moving our startup from a 2 to 5 person team (2 programmers and 1 marketer) has allowed us to build momentum. We’re currently at the point of looking at a large project with a well known firm. I will keep in touch with you to let you know about our progress. It’s not just the funding though – it’s the fact that you’ve been accessible the entire time providing feedback and guidance. Thank you – thank you – thank you!

Keren Moynihan, JD/MBA, Co-Founder, FastApps

The SWILP funding has helped take our student-led startup from idea, to minimal viable product, to gaining the attention of a Silicon Valley VC firm! We’re still a long ways away from achieving our vision, but we couldn’t have got to where we are today without the support of this program.

Ethan Foy Founder, LifePoints


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