With Canada Facing an ICT Skills Shortage it is Critical that Youth are Inspired to Explore Tech Careers

Speakers at this Mon Nov 14th's CareerMash “Inspiring Tech Careers” Conference. Speakers from YouTube Space Toronto, Google Canada, Ubisoft Toronto, and JAYU

Speakers at this Monday’s CareerMash “Inspiring Tech Careers” Conference from YouTube Space Toronto, Google Canada, and Ubisoft Toronto.

November 11, 2016 by Jonathan Elias

Last year it was reported that 182,000 IT positions need to be filled by 2019 and that Canada lacks the supply to fill these critical IT related positions to remain competitive in the Tech sector.

Along with potentially not having enough IT practitioners to fill these position another critical issue is the disconnect between the IT skills that employers are demanding, and how quickly these skill demands are changing due to the rapidly evolving IT industry.

In order to address both the potential lack of IT talent and required IT skills in the future ITAC Talent has been hosting a series of events to inspire Youth to explore tech careers and obtain the required skills that employers are looking for. This includes the recent “BTM (Business Technology Management) TalentMash” events held in Alberta, Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario over the last month, connecting employers with BTM students, spreading awareness about University and College BTM programs, creating a forum for BTM students to connect, and providing invaluable professional development opportunities.

This upcoming Monday November 14th ITAC Talent is hosting over 1,000 grade 9 and 10 high school students, over 20 exhibitors, and amazing keynote speakers at the 2016 CareerMash “Inspiring Tech Careers” Conference at The Living Arts Center in Mississauga to spread the word about the endless possibilities that exist in today’s tech careers, and inspire the next generation of tech workers. For more information about CareerMash 2016 visit: https://itactalent.ca/events/careermash.

View Highlights from last year’s CareerMash Event:

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