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BTM Student Team Criteria:

• Each School will decide on its own process of Choosing the Top BTM Students to represent their school 

• Team size to be between 2 to 5 students

• The Length of the Program doesn’t matter, only that the students are in their 3rd or 4th year (2nd or 3rd year in Quebec) of their program and meeting the required Learning Outcomes.

• Program Name doesn’t have to be labelled as a “BTM Program” but must meet the required Learning Outcomes

• Schools to Identify Students who will compete in the competition by November 30th 2018. (Note: Schools with no final year students in the Fall will pick their team by January 31st 2019)

2018-2019 National BTM Student Competition Sponsors

1st Place ($5,000)                  2nd Place ($2,500)                  3rd Place ($1,500)



BTM Blog Competition Prize

Prize: $1,000

Sponsored By:

Schedule of Events 

Student Blog Competition: January 2019

Twitter Chat: January 2019

BTM Case Study Competition Start: February 18, 2019

BTM Case Study Competition Due: February 27, 2019

BTM Competition Winners Announced: May 2019

BTM Competition Winner(s) Recognition Ceremonies: May-June 2019

Blog Competition Summary

As an early preparation for the main competition taking place in February 2019, participating BTM Student Teams will compete in a Blog Post Competition in January 2019. The Teams will have one week to provide a short Blog post response to the Blog Post Competition question, which will then be featured on the IT World Canada website. The teams will have two weeks to promote their submission, with 50% of their final score being based on web traffic to their post, and 50% of the final score based on Editorial Criteria, determined by the ITWC Editorial Judging Board. The team with the highest final score will win this Blog Post Competition and $1,000 for their team!


Winner Selection Criteria

 50% of score: Web Traffic to Blog Post

• 50% of score:  Editorial Criteria – Determined by ITWC Editorial Judging Board


Editorial Criteria

• Grammar (30)

• Number of primary sources of information cited by the blog (25)

• Relevant and interesting reaction to the question issued (20)

• Use of rich media such as photos or video in addition to blog text (15) 

Note: Students must have copyright ownership of any images or video they want to use in their blog posts. Public domain material is also acceptable.

• Uniqueness of voice defined by the tone and style (10)

Total score (100)

Note: Editorial Criteria counts for 50% of Final Score


Blog Post Topic:

Is personal privacy dead? With tech giants like Facebook and Google operating a business model that is being described as “surveillance capitalism” to harvest our information and use it to sell advertisements, have we passed the point of no return in guarding our personal privacy? Or will recent pushes by regulators to require stricter data privacy laws be enough to fight back?


Other Important Information

• Blog Post submissions are accepted in English, French, or Both.

• Blog Post submissions should be approximately 600 words

• Professors/Schools Reps can provide general guidance, however the Students will determine on their own exactly what they will write about and the arguments that they would like to make.